Times & Locations:

Wednesday | 7:00pm-8:30pm 

Youth Room @ Faith Lutheran Church 

Travis Powers

Youth & Family Director

Journey Talks: Have you ever tried to walk up a steep sand dune? The journey can be frustrating because it honestly feels like you are just walking in place. It feels as if you are going nowhere but yet in a hurry to get up that dune. Jesus is telling us something here, similar to the sand dune and slowing down especially with the pandemic going on. Don't be in such a hurry on your journey, slow down and let the sand sink into your toes. Let His Word sink into your heart. This new discussion format is structured to do just this. SLOW DOWN! Designed for highschool (9th-12th) grade Youth Group on Wednesday evenings starting September 2nd from 7-8:30pm on Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. We will be discussing topics that are relevant to our youth, meanwhile seeking and applying Biblical truth to their life questions.



Carmen is the leader for the teen girls as Keith, Dave & Travis lead the teen boys. There are many fun events scheduled throughout the year and will be posted to this website and filtered out through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Some of those events are bowling, paintball, airsoft, mission/education trips which are planned every 4 years and EXTREMELY FUN FUNDRAISER’s to support our mission/education trips as well as our smaller local outings! 


THIS IS EPIC Teens and we would love to invite your youth to join us on our FAITH JOURNEY with Jesus Christ together!