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Parsonage Information 

The Faith Lutheran Church council has called a 
special congregational meeting on June 26th, 2022 at 11am after worship service for the purpose of authorizing the purchase of a parsonage. 



Parsonage is a term for the housing a church provides to its clergy.

Parsonage literally means "house for a parson" (a parson is the member of the clergy). Other names for a parsonage include rectory, clergy house, or vicarage.


Pastor Mark Neumann

The purchased parsonage would house Pastor Mark Neumann and his wife during Pastor Neumann's time as the Interim Pastor at Faith (September 2022- September 2023). Following Pastor Neumann's time with us, the property may be used to house the Called Senior Pastor. 

Image by Scott Webb


The maximum authorized purchase amount for the parsonage property is $450,000 (plus closing costs and insurance). Houses currently for sale in 59404 are listed at $328,000 on average.