Just means there is nothing in this world to worry about! Jesus is the answer.


- Mike Abbott

Christ is Alive! It's a time of new beginnings & great hope!


God is with us through all seasons of life.


God's promises are true & I look forward to the future as life unfolds.


- Becky Bortnem

"Because of Christ's sacrifice my final destination is assured.  Whatever befalls me -- good or bad -- cannot change the final outcome of my existence.  My task then is to serve my God and fellowman assured of eternal life."  Lynn Dittler

To me, Easter is the reaffirmation of God's promise of eternal life by the resurrection of his son, Jesus. This victory over Death is obvious and conclusive.


-  Kneelon Teague

God's Got You - Polly Hagen-Jones

Jesus promises us everlasting life.  


In the Garden of Eden mankind made a choice.  We know it as the fall of man, but at the same time it is the exaltation of man.  We “will be like God, wise and knowing good and evil.”  It’s true we act like God in our own lives judging, planning and thinking we know what is important.  God grants us that state only for a while.  Our bodies die.  We are cut off from the infinite.  


Life on earth is like life in the womb.  We really don’t know heaven is.  We need faith that God knows.  We grow our spirit in this life, knowing Jesus has blazed the path to everlasting life.  The Jews missed understanding the message of the messiah because they were looking for the restoration of Israel for the people in this life.  Jesus restored everlasting life to the people.   We will lose this life, we can gain everlasting life through Jesus. 


Pat Fournier

"Jesus being alive means death is defeated!" 


Theresa Dittler

Easter is a chance to start all over again.  A hymn that comes to mind is “Because He Lives....I Can Face Tomorrow”. “Because He lives, all fear is gone.  Because He lives, I see the future...”

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow and so can you!

Anne Derr

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